Switch Hitting For Fun And Safety

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Switch Hitting For Fun And Safety

Post  lady-killer on Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:13 am

An automatic transfer switch is crucial to any network that cannot afford to lose power and data. The addition of such a switch will guarantee that the system in question is protected against any possibility of unscheduled power downs or black or brown outs. The public utility industry is facing the same problems the rest of the society is facing. Diminishing labor to prevent energy interruptions will result in power failures. Homeowners and businesses have to protect against any eventuality.
A typical transfer switch will not only patch in the backup generator as a temporary electric power source, it can also command the backup generator to start. The switch also continuously tracks the primary source of power and isolates the backup from the electric utility. The transfer switch can be a manual or automatic or combination of the two. This allows a fully integrated switch to protect the system against sudden power surges that can occur when the utility comes back online.
A home that has a backup generator and an automatic transfer switch will begin the startup procedure while monitoring the utility. When the backup is ready it will isolate the system from the utility and cut in the backup. The backup generator will then provide power to the house and power the system independently of the utility and protect it from overload. When the utility has resumed power for a period of time, the switch will then turn of the backup and restore the house to the power grid.
A transfer switch can be programmed to provide energy to certain circuits or sub-panels. This would ensure that only critical circuits, such as refrigerators or heaters would have power. This would allow the generator to provide electricity for a longer period of time. This will allow the house a longer time without power while saving critical food or heating capabilities. More sophisticated switches can be used that will transfer electricity from the utility gradually so the system sees no break in power balance. These switches can be commanded to take over to reduce peak load demands from utilities. With the cost of energy increasing, taking the load off during peak times can save homeowners and businesses significant money in the long-term.
An automatic transfer switch is essential when considering a backup generator in the home or business. The loss of power can lead to hundreds of dollars of lost food, and lost productivity in a business. The loss of crucial medical equipment in the home is also a good reason to consider such a switch. The public utility industry is aging and power outages and interruptions are likely to increase. Taking the simple precaution of a transfer switch is money well spent and the peace of mind it brings is invaluable.

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