Components Of A Self-Powered Shake Flashlight

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Components Of A Self-Powered Shake Flashlight

Post  lady-killer on Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:06 am

There is a type of flashlight that requires no batteries and it can always be recharged simply by shaking it. The process by which this works is surprisingly uncomplicated. Such a flashlight contains only a few basic components that, when aligned correctly, produce this amazing effect. Rare earth magnets, wire coils, capacitors, and light bulbs are all that is needed to construct the self-powering function of these flashlights.
The process is very simple. When a magnet passes through a wire coil, a small electrical current is generated. In these flashlights, this current is stored in the capacitor and used to power the light bulb.
The shaking motion moves the magnet up and down the shaft of the flashlight, and a wire coil is located in its center. The capacitor is located on the end near the bulb to which it must provide power.
The quality of the flashlight depends upon what kinds of components are used. A more powerful magnet and a wire with a higher number of coils will generate more electricity, so the flashlight will take fewer shakes to charge fully. A larger capacitor is capable of storing more power, meaning that the flashlight will need shaking less often. A bulb that consumes less energy while producing high light output can last longer and stay brighter.
The most powerful magnets used for this purpose are rare earth magnets. As the name suggests, these are made of alloys of rare earth elements. They are the strongest permanent magnets available and can therefore produce the most electricity when passed through a wire coil.
The thickness of a wire coil is not as important as how many windings it contains. More windings translate into more opportunities for the magnet to generate power each time it passes through.
The more energy the capacitor can store, the longer the flashlight will be able to remain lit at one time. Variables that affect this component's storage capacity include its quality and its size. Capacitors of higher quality and larger size store more electricity.
Almost all shake flashlights contain LED bulbs. This type of bulb can produce light while consuming a relatively low amount of energy, which means that they last a very long time compared to traditional light bulbs. It also means that they will not drain a capacitor nearly as fast as other bulbs would. Additionally, LED bulbs are very durable, making them ideal for use in a flashlight that must be shaken.
A flashlight that works without batteries seems like it would be more complicated, but that is all there is to it. Four simple components provide everything needed to create a powerful self-charging light. Rare earth magnets, wire coils, capacitors, and LED bulbs form this perpetually rechargeable system.

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